I am in orbit,
My tilted pivot swiveling-
A spin I cannot control,
A center I cannot comprehend.

Celerity blurs my flat vision-
Two dimensions blend
Into the third, the sphere
I have never been before.

I am speaking to you,
My words the wisp of rushing
Whispering in your ear.
You take my fate
between finger and thumb,
Your gentle breath so close
I speed to an end:

Then slowly,
My axis skewed,
All Vertigo

- By Diogenia
Revised 12/99

By Diogenia

The sun sets on a different shore,
Orange and gold and red;
It casts a last warming glance
Upon your precious face
Before shining overhead
On my distant hemispheric space.

We share the sky, but not the stars
We breathe the same air
Look upon the same old moon
but are so far away.
I'm not sure why I care
And yet I continue on this way.

Perhaps it is that I have faith:
One day you will see
that what I promised is true-
That we will meet one day,
And if you could just hold me then,
You know I would beg you to stay.


Man in the Moon...