Tellico River
Running the rapids after a storm.
Below Turkey Creek Road
Photos Below Bald River Falls On Tellico River
Above Bald River Falls On Tellico River
Just above the Baby Falls
Tellico Ranger District Fish Hatchery.
TWRA Fish Hatchery
Senior Citizens.
Above the Fish Hatchery.
Large Older Fish & An Albino One.
Photos By Jack Waters....copyright 1999-2001

Tellico River has been the scene of human occupation for 12,000 years.
For much of this time it was the domain of Native Americans, from at least
1650 AD, the Cherokee Indians resided here. After the removal of the Cherokees
in 1838, the area was opened for Euro-American settlement. Tellico, "tel-i-quah"
means "plains" in Cherokee.
Tellico River is great for canoeing, kayaking & swimming....some campsites are
along the river. A few trails begin on the river. Bald River Falls is on the Tellico
River Road. The Tellico River is famous for its trout fishing. The State Fish
Hatchery is located above the Green Cove Resort area.